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Carsaig - a trip to Rudh a'Chromain, 28th Dec 2017

The weather forecast was good for the 28th so I decided to have a look at the Carsaig area. During the VMSG field trip in September, I wasnt able to make this particular day due to other commitments so it was a case of catching up. Carsaig is a favourite are of mine - I first visited it as an undergraduate from St Andrews in November 1979 - Dr. Colin Donaldson led the trip. I have always enjoyed going back there - there is simply so much geology to see in one small area. I reckon it is the best location in Mull for geology trips - a lot to see in a small area. And a great mixture of sedimentary as well as igneous. You really get to see and appreciate how the later Palaeogene volcanic rocks have been intruded and erupted onto the earlier (Jurassic and Cretaceous) landscape, Here are some pictures and further details! View from the old pier looking west towards the cliffs. View from the shore, again looking over to the cliffs.Cliffs are mainly Palaogene lavas and minor intruc