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Great Geology Lunch Spots Number 4: Ulva Ferry

Working in the Ulva Ferry area today and decided to head over to the slipway and pontoons for a wee look around before lunch on the rocks. Lots happening in this part of Mull these days, with the new houses, the pontoons and of course the Ulva buyout. The columnar basalt that you see in Ulva and Staffa is clearly visible right beside the slipway. This is part of the "Staffa Lava Formation" which you can read all about here: Staffa Lava Formation   (From the Earthwise site) Here are a few photos of the area to give you a general view The new sign at Ulva Ferry The pontoon. Ulva in the background Columns at the slipway Close up of the columns And looking down on columns at the shore level. Fine big hexagonal block just randomly sitting there! Looking across to Ulva and the Boathouse Cafe. On the way back, you get this view looking to the east - lava flows with a dolerite plug of Dun Mor in the middle. Next pic is an enlargement of