A trip to the Rubha na Sealbhaig Dyke (Bloody Bay)

Rubha na Sealbhaig lies to the north of Tobermory at the north end of Bloody Bay. There is a really neat dyke there, presumably a member of the Mull Swarm , although it runs more N-S rather than NW-SE like a lot of the other similar dykes do. What makes it interesting is that it really stands out on the shore - it is like a wall of rock.

Only problem is that is awkward to get to - it involves descending from the Forestry track through brambles brash and mud, but there is a sort of deer track most of the way. Anywa, I reckon its worth the effort.Here are some pictures taken today 5th January.

Bliadhna Mhath Ur / Happy New Year!

Looking along the coast - Ben Hiant across the way. the dyke is just out of sight on the RHS

The dyke is in several parts, there are also several offsets - it doesnt run in one continuous straight line

The view from the sea

The main part of the dyke showing clearly the jointing

The country rock lavas are clearly columnar in this area. There are other places in the Bloody Bay area where columnar basalt is also found - Glac Mhor to the south of here is a good example

Close up view of the jointing in the main section of the dyke

The north section of the dyke, Calmac Ferry and Ardnamurchan

A final view of the dyke before heading back

 Rubbish picture since it was a hand held phone at full  8.0 mag, but just for interest, that's Kilchoan over there and the dark thing in the middle (a bit fuzzy) is the Sgurr of Eigg peeping above the skyline.

So thats it. A cracker of a dyke. Bye for now!


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